Julep Goodies Came in the Mail

Got a nice haul of stuff from Julep today.

I really wanted to take advantage of the SHINETIME offer, only needed a purchase of $35 to get it. To be perfectly honest, this is a steal – there’s no way to figure it not! It’s a 6-Piece Set, including that beautiful clutch. The set is available free with purchase of $35 or more until November 24th 2014 @ 11:59pm. Purchase here, add SHINETIME at checkout!.
 To reach the $35 minimum purchase I picked up:
Color Caddy – Maven Price: $24.00
Nude Lip Look – Maven Price: $14.99

In case anyone is wondering if there’s a catch, extra shipping and handling or anything like that? Nope! You can see that I purchased $158 worth of product for $42.45, including shipping (FREE, Maven Perk). Prices are discounted for Maven’s so you can expect to spend a bit more without Julep’s Maven Subscription.


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