Julep Review: Blank Canvas (Face/Eyes), Neutrals Palette (Toffee), Eye Glider (Rich Brown).

I had to venture out yesterday afternoon. It was freezing here in NYC – literally. I wasn’t really in the mood for a full face of makeup, and I didn’t really expect to look too hot after hours of dragging myself throughout Queens on the bus and the subway. I took a picture when I got to my bus stop and one again when I got back home about 4 hours later.

In the end, I just ended up throwing on some eye makeup to perk myself up a bit. I am beyond pleased with how well my eye products withstood the elements. I am wearing no other products, no, not even mascara, my eyelashes are indeed that long/thick naturally (it’s all good until I need sunglasses).

  1. Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer – All over face ($22.40/Maven)
  2. Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer – Eyelids, Under-eye ($17.60/Maven)
  3. Gel Eye Glider (Rich Brown) – Bottom inner lid ($12.80/Maven)
  4. Sweep Eyeshadow Palette (Toffee) – Eyelids to crease ($38.00/Maven) *
To get these wonderfully durable and absolutely stunning products from Julep join today just in time for December’s Maven Box which debuts officially tomorrow. 
*Promo Price Subject to change.


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