Black Friday Madness @

I am not one to go into the stores, I love online shopping –  there’s something unique, almost addicting, about the thrill of getting a package in the mail. Perhaps some of this is because I order so much I never am quite sure what I’m opening, but that’s neither here nor there, or so I’d like to think.

I had my eye on one company this season and that’s Julep. I am obsessed – I’ve been a Maven since mid-2013 and while I did not always take my boxes, I was enamored with the company from the first time I received a monthly box in the mail. The packaging itself is gorgeous – they have nailed me hook, line and sinker.


So what did I get you ask? 
(Which really means – what DIDN’T I get?)

 Stargazer – $40.00 $19.99 Special ( $85.00 Value )

Warm Wishes Trio – $30.00 $11.99 Special ( $50.00 Value )

Extraordinary Color Kit – $39.99 $14.99 Special ( $74.00 Value )

Queen Anne – $14.00 $4.99 Special

Gem Collection 2014 – $98.00 $49.99 Special ( $168.00 Value )

Black Friday Surprise #1 – $28.00 $6.99 Special

Black Friday Surprise #2 – $14.00 $4.99 Special

Black Friday Surprise #3 – $14.00 $4.99 Special

Black Friday Surprise #4 – $28.00 $6.99 Special

1 x Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover $6.99 (ADD-ON)

1 x Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen $4.99 (ADD-ON)

1 x Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick $4.99 (ADD-ON)

Join Julep Today! 


You’ll your first box free, only pay shipping. Wildly worth the money!

What You’ll Get

  • First access to the latest beauty
  • innovations & color trendsThe option to pick what you love
  • from each monthly collectionTotal flexibility: “Send to a friend” or
  • let us know “I’m out this month”Free shipping & 20% off at (always)Over $40 value in each box for just $24.99
  • (or try Maven Luxe for over $60 value)

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