Operation : Organization : Nail Polish

I *hate* cleaning. Frankly, I despise it with a passion, and I would rather…I don’t know what…but I don’t like cleaning. However, there’s few things I love more than organizing my stuff, it’s a bit obsessive.

One thing though,  I notice I’m not alone! Over and over again I see that many who are enamored with beauty product collecting also love organizing all the stuff in creative, fun, and often really, really, cool ways. This is what I’ve been working on the past few days while I impatiently await my remaining November and December subscription boxes and Black Friday purchases.

I have decided to attack a few tasks at once because it seems like it would be most time effective – not that I actually limit myself to how much time I spend on my beauty things, but that’s another story all together. Shh…

The first thing I want to do is get to swatching my collection. I love Juleps nail polish the most and they are the core of my collection. The bottles are beautiful, but they are glass, they are conveniently sized, but not traditionally shaped… not to mention the swatch spot is on top and the name on the bottom – storage is kinda tricky. I like many colors so ideally I’d like to display them in a rainbow fashion, I just like how that looks. I have the Color Caddy – but I can’t see them in there. Truthfully I’d like to keep as many polishes out and in view as possible. I decided to go with this (I purchased 2 from Amazon, $5.48/ea, hold 24, *shipped from the US) to display my favorite colors.

I’ll store the rest of my polish in my color caddy for now – I think that would be enough to keep out on display for the time being. 😀 I eventually hope to upgrade to a wall mounted piece for my polish. I’m holding off however, because I hope to move out of state in the next 6 months or so.


I am so excited to start swatching I’m almost embarrassed! I looked high and low for something that I felt I could follow through with and would be somewhat enjoyable to do – and not incredibly tedious. I don’t really have a pretty handwriting and I didn’t want to take all the time to type things out and cut and paste the names on, so a pretty book didn’t seem like a good idea for /me/. I looked at the nail sticks, but I felt like that would waste a lot of polish because it’d keep doing it over and over if the nail didn’t come out /perfect/. Some people were using binders with loose-leaf paper, but I worried if the color would be skewed by the paper.
Finally, I came across someone who used artist swatch-cards and a binder – not exactly what I was looking for but it did give me an idea! Un-ruled index cards, a index card holder, dividers and my OCD. Alphabetized Julep polish? Like…a library catalog? Y/Y? YES! Since we all know Julep by Maven name, I think this is going to be PERFECT! I cannot wait to try it out and how it comes out. This is what I bought to do the job, got everything on Amazon!
Snap-N-Store 3x5 Index Card Box, Black (SNS01573)Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens, 3-Pack, Black/Blue/Purple Inks (90022)Find-It Tabbed Index Cards, 3 x 5 Inches, Assorted Colors, 48-Pack (FT07216)

Blank Index Card

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