Holiday Update

I’m sure I’m not alone in this having been a crazy week. Time really flew by and I cannot believe that I haven’t written since last Sunday.

How was everyone’s holiday? Good I hope! My family all had a stomach virus, not so fun, especially not fun for my 3 year old who was throwing up straight through Christmas Eve and Christmas. Poor guy. 😦 All is well now, and we are finally all starting to enjoy the last remnants of the holidays anxiously awaiting the new year, 2015, do us good please!

Like everyone else, I got my hands on some fun stuff and things for Christmas, check it out…

My holiday mani was Julep Sienna, stunning, absolutely stunning.


Then of course, I had to try out my stamper, I seem to have lost my good picture, sorry…but it was incredibly easy and worked really well. Little stars, with a Zoya Tomoko accent nail. I was pleased.


Finally, I tried painting my nails with my first Indie. Didn’t go so well. Glitter Guilty – Sea Creature…should look something like this:

However, mine turned out like this. Not quite sure how to get that solid coverage with such a thick polish. What are you tips, how do you apply jelly polish?



2 responses to “Holiday Update

  1. Love those colors! One tip that I always use if I want a color to show up better is the paint the nails white and then put your main color on top. Or you can try waiting for each coat of polish to dry a little before adding a second coat (you mentioned the indie polish being thick so not sure if it was gumming up on you). Hope this helps!

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