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One thing that I have learned recently is that the internet is a very scary place for people who like to shop. I love shopping, but one thing I cannot handle is rude people, crowded stores, scrambling looking for products that aren’t in their proper location and well…everything that you have to deal with when shopping in physical store locations.

The online shopping also brought me to the world of subscription boxes, and in turn blogging. With both of those comes a serious over supply of products. Dupes of items I don’t use enough to keep a stockpile of, nail polish colors I don’t like from mystery boxes,  whatever, I have a ton of it. So I’ve decided to pass them along to anyone else who is interested at much lower prices.

So – here’s my first blog sale!

You can head right on over to my shop on {Storenvy} and browse around. I ship within 24 hours – most often same day. Everything is through PayPal so rest assure you will be protected in case anything happens during shipping.

>>>Use the code “SALE15” to get 15% off on all items.<<<

Alternatively, if you’re also a blogger or cosmetics hoarder like I am, I also do swaps – however – you must be a member of a Facebook Swap group so we can ensure both of our swapping safety.  Feel free to contact me in regards to swap inquiries, you can see my ISO list on Pinterest. I also have a smaller board for Swaps on Pinterest for sample size products and such.

Interested in joining some Facebook Swap/Sales groups? Here’s I couple I am in at the moment, I am in no way affiliated with these groups outside being a member:

Julep Swap, Praise, Rant & Chat

Ipsy/Birchbox/Sample Swap

Nail Polish Sales/Swaps/Hauls and Convo

Makeup Sale and Swap

Do you own, admin or manage a swap/sale group? Leave the information down below. If you’re looking for others feel free to inquire, I know of and am a member of a quite a few more.

Anyone else currently having a blog sale? I’d love to know about it!


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