January 2015 Julep Maven Un-Boxing

Hooray for lots of nail mail!


Seriously delayed in come cases, but nonetheless they all finally arrived. I have some Amazon Prime orders (this order did not make it in the guaranteed 2 days (free – Prime perk), I got a free month of Prime +$5 credit for my troubles), and some Storenvy orders. Tucked away of course is my January Maven Box.


Maven Box Details


Your Box: January Personalized My Maven Box


  • Luxe Lip Treatment – Sheer Coral (#5)
  • Gel Eye Glider – Olive (#12)
  • Shelly (#1)


  • Orbital Eyeshadow – Borealis (#10)
  • Luna (#2)
  • Mystery Grab Bag (Julep Dry Shampoo #4,  Oxygen Nail Treatment #9, Glycolic Hand Scrub #3)
  • January Free Maven Gift – Rich Brown Eye Glider (#11)
  • Metamorphic Top Coat Gift – Bjork (#6)
  • FREE Candy, COLORFUN free polish coupon,  J.K Rowling Quote Card (#8)

    I threw Bjork over Luna and wasn’t wildly impressed with the color. I will have to try again on something darker and see if I like it better – I had thought they would have looked better together than they did. I was not at all impressed with the consistency of Luna, I found it clumpy – I’ll wait to try again in warmer weather since I tried it within 24 hours of receiving it and it was very cold.

I haven’t gotten to try anything else out yet, so I suppose I may have been a bit underwhelmed with this box. Can’t wait to try out the Orbital and Gel Glider all the same.


8 responses to “January 2015 Julep Maven Un-Boxing

  1. Oh!!! Let me know how you like the gel glider! I have wanted to subscribe for a box, but am unsure of how the products are. Pretty please do a follow up on how you like the products 🙂 xo


    • I loooove their gel gliders, I own most of them. I truthfully love their makeup even more than their polish. I’m going to have some reviews up on their beauty products really soon. 🙂


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