January Nail Looks


So I broke a nail, I am so sad. 😦

I was wearing Julep Paula with the rhinestones in the first picture – absolutely loved the formula and coverage. It did go on a bit thick which called for extended drying time (even with quick dry drops), but the manicure stayed in place and I didn’t lose any stones until I personally removed them, so that was a huge plus.

In the second photo, where I captured my nail horror, I was wearing  Glitter Guilty – Dark Secret Glam (sheer black with gold flakes), with a Julep – Shoshanna accent to make the gold pop. It was beautiful, it lasted less than 24 hours with the nail breakage.

Last, my recovery mani, I plan on stamping this later today with something…silver maybe? Anyways – Julep Kendall from the Gem Collection an absolutely stunning fuchsia iridescent shimmer.


7 responses to “January Nail Looks

  1. I hate when that happens! 😦 Usually once my nails get to a certain length, my thumb, pointer, and/or middle fingers will break at some point. I usually have to wind up cutting my ring finger and pinky to even everything out!


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